28 Parents Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You


Sometimes you just have THOSE kind of days. Last week I awoke to the dogs wanting out at 2 am. I let them out and back in. At 3 am they were whining again. We thought it was because of a raccoon that has been wandering around the house. We told them to be quiet and go back to bed. They settled down. At 4 am we awoke to one of the kids crying. I went to go attend to him. That’s when I smelled it. One of the dogs had pooped on the floor in the middle of the closet. Complete with urine puddle. Yeah it was that kind of day. These 28 parents were having days just as bad as mine! Worse in fact.

We have all had them. The days when one of, or worse yet several, of the kids are having a meltdown. You have about 30 seconds for a shower. The baby is sick and screaming for attention. Breakfast burns because you are trying to finish putting clothes on. Those kind of days. These are going to help you feel better about your meltdown days. Lol. So funny! All parents have hard days, all parents fail sometimes. Some just fail harder than others. These fails will make you feel better about your parenting mistakes. Lol.