Pinterest Ideas That Actually Work Brilliantly


Are you a Pinterest junkie? I can waste hours of time on there. Love it! My boards are full of things I never plan on doing but I love the pinning and dreaming none the less. The scary thing about Pinterest is that there are no guarantees. It’s like Wikipedia. Anyone can contribute and there are some epic fails on there. This roundup from Diply might help ease your mind some. They pins are tried and true. Tested so you don’t have to worry about showing up on

They DIYs and crafts are awesome! I’m so excited to try them and if they are guaranteed to work… I’m going to use that fork bow come Christmas time. I Love the necklace repair too. How great is number 16? I want to have the perfect up-do! Speaking of Pinterest fails. This blog has everything you should carefully consider before trying.

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Pinterest Pins That Actually Work (Even For You)