47 Genius Camping Hacks Every Camping Fan Should Know


Do you want to learn nearly 50 genius camping hacks, tips and tricks?
Spring is slowly progressing and the kids are getting more and more excited. The annual spring camping trip my husband and I take them to is so close and they feel like packing every single day. To be honest, their excitement is so contagious that it’s getting to me. Thus, I decided to do some researching, but not on camping sites and destinations, but on some new tips and tricks that may come useful during out upcoming trip.
During my research I came across mixer2mower.com. This website offers a fantastic selection of nearly 50 camping hacks for every camper and let me tell you, they are absolutely genius! One of the very first ideas that grabbed my attention was the stunning hand and face washer. The modified “utility” is absolutely amazing and I will most definitely suggest it to my husband for our trip, because we’ve never come up with such an idea before and used plain bottled water for such purposes. Another thing I absolutely adored from the list of tips, tricks and hacks is to use empty Tic Tac containers for spices. I used to bring tiny packages of seasoning whenever we went camping before, but I’m definitely going to use this tip this time!
I also really liked the tutorial on how to transform any plain fire into a stunning light show by making the fire colorful. I’m sure the kids will really appreciate this one!
If you want to learn the rest of these genius camping hacks, tips and tricks, then read through the whole list of ideas on mixer2mower.com. I can guarantee, you won’t regret it, because they will surely simplify your next camping trip and make it even more exciting!