Man Discovers Hidden Button In Hotel Dresser, So He Decides To Push It

While staying at a hotel, a man was more than surprised to find a secret button underneath one of the drawers in the dresser. However, things would take quite the interesting turn when he pushed it and was left utterly shocked at what he discovered.

The intriguing find was posted to Reddit, after a man had stayed in a hotel room. Presumably taking place at the Strater Hotel in Durango, Colorado, photos of the incident were posted to Imgur and have since captured the interest of many across the Internet.

The Redditor explains, “Each hotel room had a journal that visitors could write in about their stay in that specific room. After reading through the journal, I saw some people write about a hidden drawer in the dresser, so I set out to find it.”

After a short while, he was able to find a hidden button under one of the drawers, but things got a bit more interesting as soon as he pushed it. Just like that, a secret drawer was unlocked, leaving the man stunned to see what was inside.

Just as he outlined before, this wasn’t the first time the drawer was found. Apparently, those who previously stayed in the hotel room had made a tradition of stumbling across the discovery. Inside the mysterious drawer was a note dating back to 2014 from someone who wanted to keep track of everyone who happened to find the secret drawer.

Several people left behind their names and hometowns, as well as their email addresses, so that they could contact one another later on. Some also left a few coins.

Next time you’re in a hotel room, keep an eye open — you never known when such a cool discovery could be lurking right under your nose, waiting to be discovered.