To Punish A 16-Year-Old Girl Who Helped A Couple Elope, 13 Men Assaulted And Set Her Ablaze

This vehicle fire happened in Pakistan. They say it was an honor killing to burn the 16-year-old girl alive in the car. It happened on April 29 in a village, Donga Gali, that is nearly 30 miles northeast of the capital city of Pakistan. The local tribal council, which is known as a Jirga, helped in the death of the girl.

The girl, only known as Ambreen, was killed in retaliation for the help she gave some people in a different village. Before Ambreen was burned alive, she was taken from her home, drugged put in the van with her hands tied (so she couldn’t get out).

Then the vehicle was set ablaze.

Police have arrested between 13 and 15 people, including Ambreen’s brother for the crime. What kind of ‘help’ deserves this treatment? Ambreen had reportedly helped a couple elope. Yes, she helped them get married, and for that, she had to die. Apparently, by helping the couple leave Makoi and go to Abbottabad, Ambreen has damaged the village’s reputation.

men set girl ablaze

The jirga met and discussed the situation in a 6-hour session. An ‘honor killing’ is done against people who have brought dishonor to a community or their family.

Most commonly, women are the targets of honor killing in South Asia and in some areas in the Middle East, according to USAToday.

men set girl ablaze

Thousands of women are the victims of honor killings each year. In these parts of the world, women are seen as property or as commodities. They can be traded or damaged to maintain the family’s reputation. Share away, people.