Make Your Own Cozy Beanie In A Pinch


This is a fun easy and stylish DIY just in time for crisp fall weather. Love it! Learn how to make your own beanie in just minutes! This YouTube video from AndreasChoice has a fun way to give new life to your old sweaters and fall wardrobe. You need a sweater, glue gun or sticks, a sewing kit, some scissors, and a few minutes. After you pick out the perfect sweater or fabric, cut right under the armpits.

Leave about a foot of fabric to work with. Once that is done, cut down one side to see how long the material needs to be to fit your head comfortably. Then there is some folding, cutting, and gluing. Done! The first ones will take longer but once you get the hang of it, it should take about 15 minutes. It’s time to go through my closet! I may not have any sweaters left after this. Lol. Here are some other fun DIY beanie designs. Love love love.

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