Make This Easy, Spiderweb Door Decoration


It is fun to dress up your home for the holidays, and starting with Halloween, you can get really creative with easy and affordable DIY projects like dangling ghosts and witty tombstones.

This spiderweb decoration adds a fun effect to an otherwise plain front door, and easy curb appeal so you can show off your Halloween spirit.


See the full do-it-yourself tutorial below, and be sure to check out other fun Halloween-inspired ideas from DIY Network.


Step 1

The easiest way to come across a big piece of cardboard (besides scavenging your own recycling bin) is to ask at a local store if they have leftover cardboard boxes from deliveries.Cut your cardboard so that one length matches the width of your door (mine is 36″ wide).


Step 2

Sketch your spiderweb to fill the entire sheet. It’s easy to draw a spiderweb; simply put, start with an “X” or “asterisk” shape.


Step 3

Between each line, draw a “U” or a scallop, so there is an effect of a continuous, sagging line all the way around, forming the web. Repeat as many times as you wish, get creative.


Step 4

Trim the spiderweb out by slicing away negative area between the drawn lines, using the utility knife.


Step 5

Spray paint the entire spiderweb. Cardboard absorbs spray paint pretty evenly and effortlessly, but remember to try and angle the spray to coat the cut edges of the web too.


Step 6

Attach the web to the door once it’s completely dry. Double-sided adhesive of any kind will work well, but I used the damage-free strips (Command is a good brand that I like) so that it can easily be removed without damaging the front door paint.


Step 7

You’re likely to have some of the web poking out beyond the edge of the door. Use a pair of scissors to trim them back.


Step 8

Enjoy your easy, inexpensive door decoration!