How To Make Fire Using A Lemon


I love lemons. I drink water with lemon slices, make lemonade and incorporate lemons in cooking or making desserts. It turns out lemons are much more versatile than that. Together with proper supplies, lemon can make a fire!

In this tutorial, YouTube channel NorthSurvival demonstrates how to make fire using a lemon. Sound dangerous, right? But this is an awesomely cool survival tip that will come in handy when you are camping or surviving in the wild. All you need to start a fire is a lemon, copper clips, zinc nails, wire and steel wool. It’s the chemical reactions among them that makes this possible. It’s so simple and you’ll be amazed at how powerful science is. Whether you are going to use this tip or not, it’s still useful information to know. Follow the video and learn the step by step instructions. Enjoy!

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(source: NorthSurvival)