Unique Obituary of 82-Yr-Old Has Touched Millions, Its Beautiful Message Will Bring You To Tears.

Little is known about the life of Ong Peck Lye, but we know he passed away a man of peace and wisdom. The Singapourian businessman knew that his time was drawing near, so he penned a poem to his dearest wife, firstborn son, and the rest of his family then asked them to submit the poem as his official obituary.

The beautiful poem has gone viral in Singapore for all the right reasons.  Though its a little unorthodox to write your own obituary, you can’t help but admire the way Ong Peck Lye sees the world and the love he has for his family. We need more men like him.


Ong Peck Lye’s last words should resonate in your very soul, ‘I dared to live and now I dare to die. This life is short, but it is beautiful, boundless and has every ounce of potential to be abundant in every way. Know that’s what you deserve, and that is what you will have.

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