How To Make Delicious Donut Holes In Just 3 Minutes


There is the most magical donut shop not too far from me. Just driving by it can brighten my day. They serve their treats in bright pink boxes and none taste better than their donut holes. Sadly, they are a little spendy and I don’t treat myself to those pink boxes of happiness all that often. I’m so glad to have found a donut hole DIY. My life is now complete!

This truly is as advertised. Three minute donut holes. Three minutes until you will be enjoying warm golden brown deliciousness. You will need biscuit dough, sugar, and oil for frying. And of course toppings. Careful when using hot oil. It will only take a few singed arm hairs to make you cautious. Other than that have fun!

The only downside of this video tutorial. Added calories. You now are armed with the knowledge of how to make delicious sugary donut holes and must resist the temptation to not make them every single day. Good luck with that. With great knowledge comes great responsibility and all that.

If you notice that your pants are getting a little too tight and your waist a little too big… Greatist has a delicious roundup of 29 slightly healthier donut alternatives.