Grandma With Dementia Doesn’t Recognize Own Daughter. But Then She Hands Her THIS…

Anyone who has had a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia knows how heartbreaking it is to see one of the closest people in your life slowly slip away, completely forgetting who you are, and who they are.

The woman in this video had been suffering from dementia for some time, but had recently taken a turn for the worse. She was forgetting people’s names and faces and was starting to fall into a deep depression. Things that had once made her happy, like reading, puzzle books, and listening to music, no longer interested her, and she even began to talk about wanting to die.

Then she found something that changed everything. She gave her grandmother a Baby Annabell doll, a life-like doll that coos like a real baby. “I thought maybe a doll may give her some joy,” she said.

Her grandmother’s reaction was even better than she could have hoped. As soon as she took the baby into her arms she got a smile on her face and turned back into the doting grandmother they all knew and loved.

“I could not have wished for a better reaction,” said her granddaughter, “although I told her it was a doll, she saw it as a baby. The doll has completely changed her life at this point, it has given her something to focus on, love, and get enjoyment from.”

The baby has not only helped this woman come out of her depression, it has helped the woman’s husband, who is so glad to see his wife calmer and happier.

“I’m so happy I’ve managed to make such a difference to her life whilst suffering from this terrible disease,” said her granddaughter. “She means the world to me.”

Source: Christmas Gift To A Grandmother With Dementia by ViralHog on Rumble
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