Family Tree Wall Art Ideas


This is a brilliant idea! I love the idea of showing off family history and decorating all at once. It would also be a terrific way to show how your family has grown and changed over the years and where you’ve come from. Our family tree is written down (in great great great grandpa’s bible) but it would be fun to have it on a literal tree too! I have the perfect wall in mind…

This is perfect becaue there is an ‘umteen’ nuymber of trees to pick from. It doesn’t even have to be a traditional tree. There is one in this roundup from Shelterness that is made from bull reeds and another from a clothes line. I’ve even seen one made with real branches! My favorite would have to be the majestic live oak. It’s huge and takes up a whole wall but it’s my favorite tree and it just looks amazing will all the family pictures and different frames.

My house has one painted tree already and I love it and want more. I had a friend draw it because my free hand is scary. You could draw one yourself, use a stencil or a projector, or buy a vinyl decal. There are a lot of options if you are serious about making a fun family ‘tree.’ The more I fall in love with this idea, the more I think I will buy a decal instead of paint my own. Be sure to check out Amazon if you are feeling that way too. This one has captured my heart.

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