Easter Bunny Macarons Recipe


If your main dishes around this year’s Easter festivities revolve around a bunny theme, then you’re going to love this next dessert. The fact that Macarons are in style right now will only add to the success of the treats at your home gatherings. The Easter Bunny Macarons are easy to make, especially if you baked Macarons before. For fashioning the ears you will need to pipe a couple of slim lines linked to some piped small regular rounds as in any Macarons. Continue with the nose – white sugar balls -, the eyes – black food coloring – and the whiskers – chocolate sprinkles.The tail was added by piping extra white Macaron mixture. It may seem long and complicated, but the recipe can be made by anyone. Share it with your friends so they too can enjoy it!

Easter Bunny Macarons – Ingredients & Directions