DIY Repurpose Men’s Shirt Into Toddler Dress


I saw this picture on Pinterest and really loved this sweet idea to turn a men’s shirt into a little girl’s dress! Repurposing old clothes into another clothing has become more and more popular these days because it is a nice way to recycle and reuse old clothes that are still in good shape. This cute little girl’s dress is upcycled from a Dad’s button down shirt. What a cool idea to make good use of Dad’s old shirt! It looks super easy to do and only requires some cuttings and basic sewing skills. You don’t even need to sew any button holes because they are already there! My husband has a few button down shirts that don’t fit anymore because he has gained some weights. Now I know what to do with them. I am sure my little girl would love her new dresses that are from her Daddy’s shirts.

After digging out on the web for a tutorial, I came across a very similar project from The Sassy Pepper Blog.


Please head over to The Sassy Pepper Blog for more details and learn how to turn a men’s shirt into a toddler dress. You’ll be proud of yourself with this kind of DIY project and receive a lot of compliments. Here’s the link…

The Sassy Pepper Blog – Little Gal’s wardrobe

Here are 15+ creative ways to repurpose men’s shirt into little girl’s dress.


15+ Creative Ways To Repurpose Men’s Shirt Into Little Girl’s Dress

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