DIY Delicious Baked Potato Fans


I cook a lot of dishes with potatoes because they are not only yummy but also nutritious. They are one of our family’s favorite food. There are a lot of ways to cook potatoes. You can boil them to make mashed potatoes, slice and fry them, bake and roast them and so on. Baking is the most common way. How do you usually bake potatoes? Just toss the whole thing in the oven? Let’s step away from the conventional way of baking potatoes and try something new!

YouTuber Weelicious has a wonderful video tutorial on how to make delicious baked potato fans. These creative potato fans are called Yukon Gold Potato Fans. As they bake, the slices of the potatoes open up slowly and look like fans. Although they look fancy, they are actually very simple to make. Just make slices across the top of the potatoes, add flavor with oil, butter and salt and bake. It will be a fun treat for both kids and adults. It’s great for a family dinner as well as party dinner, as a main dish or side dish. Check out the how-to video below for this simple and fun recipe. Enjoy!

(source: Weelicious)

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