A Decade Later, We Finally Get A Confession In The Natalee Holloway Murder Case

More than a decade after the murder of Natalee Holloway, her alleged murder reportedly admitted to the killing.

A new video by Radar Online showed Joran van der Sloot speaking to his wife and an undercover reporter about the 2005 disappearance of American teen Holloway while she was on vacation in Aruba.

“I always lied to the police. I never told the truth,” van der Sloot said, grinning while seemingly confessing to the murder, speaking in Dutch.

“I never told the truth. I made up so many stories against the police … Also when I was younger, I never told everything. The police just never knew what they had to ask me.”

Holloway met van der Sloot at a bar in Aruba in May of 2005, when she was 18 years old. She left the bar with him but was never seen alive again. He was arrested the following month but released in September 2005 due to lack of evidence.

“I think that was one of the worst police investigations that ever took place!” van der Sloot said in the clip.

 “Are you talking about the Holloway case?” the undercover reporter asked him.

“Yes yes yes,” he replied. “Yes, this is also where I am guilty and I accept everything that I have done.”

 Van der Sloot spoke to the reporter from a prison in Peru, where he is serving time for the 2010 murder of Peruvian woman Stephany Flores.

Van der Sloot has never admitted to killing Holloway, and her disappearance remained a mystery for the past decade, until the release of the video. The undercover reporter in the clip was an operative hired on behalf of Radar Online and The National Enquirer.

A 2015 report from Fox News Latino stated that van der Sloot had begun to fear for his life while locked up at Challapalca Prison. His wife, Leydi, spoke to Fox News Latino, sharing a memo written by her husband that begged authorities to protect him.

“I beg authorities to take action on my case before it’s too late and blood is spilled, with all due respect,” he wrote.

Sources: Radar OnlineFox News Latino / Photo credit: Screenshot/Radar Online