Cute and Cool Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

So recently my youngest daughter informed me that it is time for a room overhaul… She gets that from me. ;). In any case, since she’s heading to high school soon, I think she’s about right. (Just FYI, no, that isn’t her up there… but if we get her room done, maybe she will grace us with a photo of that beautiful face? Perfect place to embarrass your teenage daughter? They call it the comments section. Yes, I know she doesn’t read them. She will :)) So in researching some ideas for her that might be within my budget and within my tolerance (winking good natured-ly here…) we came up with two surprises. First, teens are an image oriented generation, and not just on their cell phones. Second, they aren’t asking for the world here, just some individuality, and a chance to play with some pretty things before they have to leave home and pay their own water bill. Done. So here are some cute, cool, amazing and really fun teen girl bedroom ideas. Note: We went Pinterest trolling, so  many of these photos are uploaded by the homeowners, or don’t have any good source. Please let us know if we missed crediting some one you know!