Creative DIY Small Bathroom Storage Ideas


Many people suffer from S.B.P. or Small-Bathroom-Problems; lack of storage sucks! I would know, I suffered through it for many years. It felt like decades but it was only for about 4 years. If you are in the same boat, struggling with places to store your stuff, here are 25 DIY projects that are creative but not spendy! (p.s.- This roundup has terrific pics and complete links to all original sources so you can get the full tutorials!)

Towel shelves are your friend. Anything built-in, especially cabinets, should be your very best friend! Both of those DIY storage ideas let you pile your stuff up and out out of the way without taking up valuable floor space. And the built-ins are nice because they won’t obstruct your view or be a hassle to get about like regular cabinets. Love!

If these 25 DIYs weren’t to your liking then maybe these other bathroom and laundry storage ideas at will be.