Couple Welcomes Baby Boy, Then Doctor Sees Birth Certificate, Says Odds Are 1 in 33 Thousand

Whether you’re a numbers person or one who’s more spiritual, you can appreciate this story because it speaks to everyone. The miracle of a child coming into the world is a sight to behold. A new life beginning, one with so much potential and promise and so much love to be given. Who couldn’t be pleased with a new addition to a family?

Beauden Matthew James Eppard was born on July 1 of this year. A healthy lad, Beauden weighed in at eight pounds eleven ounces.

But while the day of his birth may not seem particularly mentionable, the odds of little Beauden’s birth occurring on this exact date were an incredible 33,374 to 1. That’s because Beauden shares the same birth date as his father and great-grandfather!

The family patriarch, James Morrisette, came into the world on July 1, 1931. Beauden’s father, Connor James Eppard, was born on July 1, 1990. This means little Beauden is the third male in four generations to be born on this date.

What makes this story even more amazing is that Beauden was supposed to be born at the end of July. His mother, Jordyn Eppard, needed an emergency C-section.

Jordyn explained that the c-section was the safest option for Beauden, but Connor joked that it was God’s way of upholding family tradition that his son made his surprise entrance into the world on that day.

Beauden’s middle name is James, a nod to James Morrisette, in honor of his grandfather and the special date.

We think it rather appropriate that Beauden will carry his great-grandfather’s name. Could Beauden pass on this winning family tradition to his children? It’s happened before, so who’s to say it won’t again? Now thatwould be something fabulous to see!

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