Clever Ideas To Take Your Backyard To The Next Level


The first day of summer, officially, is June 21st. That’s actually a good thing because it means I have more time to ‘get ready.’ Get ready? Yup. I need to set up the barbecue, dust off the camping gear, go swimsuit shopping, and get the house and yard prepped for company. Especially the yard. Diply has an absolutely fabulous roundup that will help ‘spruce’ up the back (and front) yard and I’m so excited to have stumbled across it.

Summer is a no-tv, be active, get sunburned kind of season and that means being outdoors. The park, the lake, the pool, the yard. My yard needs a little TLC before it’s going to be a summer haven. These ideas are going to go a long way in making it relaxation ready. Some of these ideas are super practical (#2 and #9) and others just make things look lovely (#14 and #17). What does your backyard need? Any of these DIYs going to work for you? Let me know what you try! I think the PVC towel rack (#15) is a must for me. Super practical! Even if I worked at it every day, my yard would never be as cool as these ones featured at Viralnova. OMG! They are unreal!