Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen With These Space Saving Hacks


Staying organized means getting creative; especially in small spaces! My kitchen is the worst and definitely needs the most help. Here’s an awesome roundup of tips and tricks for those of you who feel like your kitchen is closing in on you! Diply has 14 fabulous ideas that will absolutely amaze you. Hello spacious kitchen!

Hopefully you find some storage inspiration here. I know that I did! I need to ‘remodel’ my cabinets. There is so much space there that I’m not using. I need to use the inside of my cabinet doors and use racks on the underside of the shelfs and not just the tops. I really love #8 too. My pantry needs almost as much help as my kitchen! Any of these stand out to you? Let me know!

I found another fun tutorial that shows how to install pull-out shelves for kitchen cabinets. Knowing you want to do it and knowing how to do it are two separate things so I thought this would come in handy someday.