Amazing Uses of Sugru The Moldable Glue


Every once in a while we would see some creative new products that we simply have to share with you. Sugru is a moldable glue that comes in many different colors. It is very easy to work with. You can mold it and work into any shape you want. After 24 hours, it will dry into a strong and flexible rubber. Because of its ability to become a sturdy adhesive when left to dry, it can be used in a variety of fun and useful DIY projects around the house and make our life so much easier. In the video below, DaveHax shows us some really amazing uses of Sugru in fixing and making things, such as repairing a frayed cable, sealing holes in your shoes, customizing your keys with different colors of Sugru and so on. Our favorite one is the tennis ball trick that turned out to be a clever space-saving hack for shoe storage. Follow the video and see all the amazing uses of Sugru the moldable glue. It’s so versatile and useful! What do you think of this product? Please share these amazing uses of Sugru with your friends and family!

source: DaveHax