A Shipping Container Can Be Purchased For Just $2k. Imagine The Possibilities!


These houses are crazy! They’re smaller than most plush ‘mansions’ but no less luxurious.They aren’t made from your typical building material either. I never would have guessed that shipping containers could be repurposed into such amazing structures. What’s the going rate on a shipping container these days? About two thousand dollars. That’s not bad considering how expensive some tiny homes get.

I love that these people decided to think outside the box. Haha. (Get it?) They came up with some creative one-of-a-kind houses and I love them all! #14 is definitely my favorite. I’m thinking summer vacation at the beach this year.

Instuctables has a few tips on how you can get your own shipping container. I Googled ‘shipping containers for sale’ and so many results came up right in my area! So theses things are readily available if you are in the market and looking to make your own unique container home.