A Beautiful Knit Scarf (free pattern)


If the cold weather is making your lips crack and your throat sore, then you should definitely consider wearing a scarf. Oh, the problem is you want a fashionable scarf for this winter? Well, you should definitely make your own! DIY items are still in this season and can help you get as unique as you want. If you want a statement item, you should try and knit this beautiful scarf, that looks cool and it also keeps you warm in the winter. You will find the free pattern in the photo description, and a step by step tutorial as well. The flower pattern on the front of the scarf is a great alternative for a brooch as it will make your whole outfit much more interesting. It is not a job for beginners when it comes to knitting this scarf, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try. Gather your friends and knit a cool scarf in only one weekend.

A Beautiful Knit Scarf (free pattern) by Stranamam