After 52 Years, Dick Van Dyke Finally Reveals Hidden Secrets About Mary Tyler Moore

The Dick Van Dyke show staff assured him not to worry and boy were they right. The show turned into a megahit, and they never once heard a complaint that had to do with Dick’s worries. Mary’s bright soul and quick wit helped propel the show into the history books, and it’s easy to understand why Dick sorely misses his talented co-star.

The wake of her passing has stirred up memories and moment from the show that have long since been forgotten! Two episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show are even being brought back in full color – this will give today’s audience a glimpse into the life of a 1960’s married couple! Take a peek at this interesting interview for yourself not only hearing what Dick reveals his worry was, but also the secret he reveals – though it may have already been guessed many times over by those who viewed and loved the show!