50 Gorgeous Hair Ideas

If your schedule is always chock-full of parties, you’re probably putting together outfits and buying new dresses to impress both old friends and new people. To pull your whole look together, you need the latest makeup and hair trends. A ball gown may be impressive, but since people will be looking at your face, you need to frame it with the perfect hairstyle to flatter your hair color.

Whether you have five hours or five minutes to get ready, we have gorgeous hair ideas for you. Take inspiration from this slideshow for your next party and go for a glamorous updo or voluminous waves. If you don’t have much time to get ready, fear not because you can still look great with a spritz of dry shampoo and a sparkly headband or brooch. It’ll quickly update any flat hairstyle you had going on previously so you’ll look put together. But if you do have time and want to experiment, try a bouffant or faux bob. Click through the slideshow then tell us in the comments below what hairstyle you’ll be trying this season!