17 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know


These genius beauty hacks will change your life forever!
Just as any other woman out there, I don’t have the time to apply perfect make up on my face every single day. And yet, there are some events, on which I want to look outstanding, so I head over to a beauty salon. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or financial freedom to wear professional make-up all the time. Fortunately, I recently learned how to make the most of what I have by following some simple, yet completely life-changing make-up tips and tricks I found some time ago on Cosmopolitan’s website. Here are just some of the more than a dozen beauty hacks, which were listed on the website.
Let’s start with the eyes. They are the most important features on a person’s face, so I usually tend to focus more on my eyes rather than the rest of my face. The eyeliner and the mascara are my all-time favorite make-up products, so I was pleasantly surprised when I learned a few methods to apply the perfect line over my eyelids using a single spoon. And the idea to heat your lash curler with a blow dryer before you use it is absolutely genius! It indeed does have a significant difference!
I also found extremely helpful the “hashtag technique” for smoky eyes. By drawing a hashtag symbol and then smudging it I indeed managed to get the best smoky eye make-up I’ve ever tried! I strongly recommend you try out this genius technique next time you want to make smoky eyes at home.
The last one of my favorite life-changing tips and tricks from this list is the tip on applying mascara without smudging on your eye lids with the use of a spoon. I absolutely adore this tip, because it has saved my life and my make-up on numerous occasions!