30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius


If you are expecting a baby, or have friends or family that are, you may think you know all that is typical and appropriate to bring to a baby shower. Often, moms end up with multiples, or too many of one type of thing. I try to think outside of the box, and often include a gift for mom, too. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something that is useful and appropriate. This is a list of some fabulous ideas that need to appear on all baby registries. Gone will be the days of packs of onesies and fifty boxes of newborn diapers. Take note, and next time you get invited to or are having a shower, consider this vest that you can attach a bottle or pacifier to. No more having to stop the car every time baby drops their bottle! Genius. Homemade baby food is becoming more and more popular, and there are some wonderful choices to facilitate that. A baby food mill is easy to use and compact. And the wonderful baby bullet is a full system to make and store foods that a baby will love! There is an adorable insert for the sink that looks like a beautiful flower, perfect to eliminate the slipping that can come along with bathing infants. If you will be traveling or just out and about all day, this portable bottle warmer will be perfect. It requires no electricity or batteries. Just fill it with warm water and it stays warm all day! I am so excited about so many of these products. I will definitely add some of them to my baby gift repertoire.