Our Grandmothers Know Best: Traditional Remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough & Lung Diseases


Lung disorders are a common occurrence; people get them every single year. But, why suffer when you can heal yourself with a recipe as old as time?

There are various types of lung diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and various types of cough. Infections, allergies, and smoking can, of course, be the cause, but it may be out grandmothers who hold the cure! We watch people make these tinctures and take them every day, you read about them on the internet, and you probably think to yourself, does this really work? Does anybody actually do this? The answer is yes; my grandmother has been making this for me ever since I can remember. When I grew up I made it for myself, and eventually my own daughter. It really and truly does work wonders, and you will thank me when you try it! I hope it works out for you, let us know!


1 Kg Purple Onion

1 Kg Sugar

4 Lemons

2 ½ liters water

10 Tbsp Natural raw honey


Heat the sugar in a metal container at a medium temperature constantly stirring until it reddens. Add the onion, sliced into small pieces, fry them, and add the water Boil at a medium temperature until 1.3 of the water evaporates. Let it cool, and then add the honey and lemon juice and stir everything well. Let it sit overnight and then squeeze out the liquid and pour it into a glass bottle.

Have 1 Tbsp before each meal until the entire mixture is gone. Repeat until your lungs feel better. If giving to children give one tsp before each meal not Tbsp