3 Weeks After Giving Homeless Man Ticket, Cop Decides To Take Things One Step Further (Video)

A video (below) showing a Chicago police officer donating his jacket to a homeless man has gone viral.

The 40-second clip was uploaded to Facebook by Officer Bob Osborne on Jan. 30 with the following caption: “My partner Pete doing a good deed. We wrote this guy a ticket 3 weeks ago and he had a thin little jacket so Pete promised him that he would bring him his old coat. When we finally saw him again Pete gave him his coat. See Pete White you are not such a bad guy. CPD is the best!”

In the video, White is seen getting out of the driver’s seat of his police cruiser as a man approaches from across the street. He then goes into the back seat and grabs a winter coat. The man thanks White as he helps him into the coat and zips it up.

“No ticket today, just the jacket,” Osborne says off camera.

The video has received over 4,800 likes and has been shared more than 2,500 times.

The two officers had previously ticketed the man when they found him begging in the middle of the street during rush hour, according to WGN.

Sources: YouTubeWGN / Photo credit: vxla/Flickr