15 Picture Frame DIY Projects You’ll Want To Try!


If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest in your life, you know that crafting is a HUGE category. You can find a DIY project for pretty much anything these days, and a lot of crafters really love ones that look great but don’t break the bank. The easiest way to create beautifully cheap projects is to repurpose items you either already own or can purchase for a low price (a.k.a. dollar and thrift store finds!). A super popular item many bloggers and craftaholics love to repurpose are picture frames. While many of us may see them for what they are (something to display your favorite portraits in), the truth is, you can get insanely creative with them! Whether it’s a memo board, terrarium, or gift wrap organizer, a frame can do more than you could ever imagine. To find out some of the most creative ways to repurpose this household staple while remaining faithful to your budget, keep reading!