12 Awesome Mom Hacks For Using Stroller


Stroller is a very useful and must-have tool for every new parent. You use it as a safe transportation method to take your baby to wherever you go, such as going for a walk in the park, doing grocery shopping and so on. You can even do exercise by jogging with the stroller. While strollers are practical to use, sometimes they will give you hard time. Fortunately there are always ingenious tips and tricks that will make our life so much easier.

In this tutorial, the creative moms from WhatsUpMoms come up with 12 awesome mom hacks for using stroller. Because you and your baby spend so much time with the stroller, it’s good to know these clever stroller hacks to make full use of it. For example, you can use color-coated stickers to label “pull” and “push” as a reminder of how to open the stroller. The above image shows another great safety tip to give extra traction to the wheels by attaching a few zip ties. The tutorial also includes cleaning tips that will make the otherwise difficult cleaning job so easy and fun. From safety assurance, cleaning tips to stroller organization tricks, these awesome mom hacks will make your stroller usage more comfortable, secure and easier and fun. Check out the video and learn all the details. Enjoy!

Which one will you try first? Please share these awesome stroller hacks with your friends and family!