10 Hacks That Will Change Your Life For The Better


Not all life hacks are do-able. Some are ridiculous and won’t make life any easier. They may even make it more difficult, totally defeating the purpose of a hack. That can’t be said of these hacks from The King Of Random, Grant Thompson. These are amazing and so clever. I know you will love them as much as I do!

I love it when there are hacks that I haven’t seen before. These ones were fun and new. I am absolutely blown away by #10! I play so many games on my phone, right now it’s Trivia Crack, and the ads drive me crazy. I can’t wait to see if this works! #9 is so true but only for cars made after a certain year and it has saved me heartache. I’m not sure what the cutoff year is. I love the bag hack too. It would save me a ton of room! Which of these will you try first?

The DIY tie clip (#4 at the 2:15 mark) got me thinking about fashion hacks for guys. I know that my honey could use a few and he would never go looking for them on his own. He will use them but only if I find them. Check out How Men Dress. Especially, If your guy is the same way. Be sure to pass on these 45 fashion tips and tricks.