Woman Give Birth In The Car While Her Husband Was Driving Her To The Hospital!! Really Amazing Video!!

Mom from Houston gave birth to the third child, a boy, in the van on the way to hospital. Her husband was driving and recorded all that without stopping the vehicle.

The couple was driving about 45 minutes to the hospital and then the childbirth started. 2 minutes later Lesia felt that the contractions are getting stronger and that the baby will come out soon. Her husband wanted to help her, but she just said to continue to drive. Suddenly the baby’s head appeared and two seconds later the boy came out.

When we asked her husband for comments, he joked and said he wondered whether they will be admitted to hospital when childbirth was already done. The boy was named Josiah. And they have two more daughters of one and two years.

A Lesia said that she was surprised that her husband was managed to do all of that, to drive, to record and to remain calm. And really she was glad to have such a video.


Source http://ourfamilymagazine.com