Wife Wakes Up to Find Husband Didn’t Come To Bed. That’s When She Checks How Much Gas is in the Car

A woman woke up to find her husband had not come to bed, and greatly appreciated the reason why.

Writing on her blog, Brie Gowen recalled what happened that morning when she woke up alone.

“The side of the bed to my left was empty. In fact it was untouched. That side of the bed was still tidily made, and that told me two things. One, I really had slept like a rock. And two, my husband had not come to bed at all last night. I wasn’t surprised one bit,” she wrote.

Gowen then recalled that the day before she had been running late for work and thought she was going to have to get gasoline because the light had been on. But it wasn’t any more.

“When I looked at the dash a half tank of gas looked back, and I knew it wasn’t a visit from the fuel fairy that had saved me. It had simply been the thoughtfulness of my spouse,” she wrote.

“And wasn’t that what it was all about? Doing small, insignificant things, day in and day out, not because you were asked to or because of what you got in return, but simply out of love,” Gowen continued.

That still didn’t explain why her husband wasn’t in bed. Gowen found him, on the living room floor with three girls

“It wasn’t a party I had missed, but an action to ensure I slept undisturbed,” she wrote. “The three girls were our rowdy daughters, and the youngest snored softly on her father’s sternum.”

Seeing the empty medicine dropper in the sink that was used to soothe incoming molars, Gowen knew her husband had done what he could so she could get a good night’s rest.

“I had slept hard, and good. I had drove to work with plenty in my gas tank, and I had arrived on time. But mostly I had walked into work feeling loved and appreciated,” she wrote. “I felt special, and worth doing the little things for even when nothing was promised in return. I was grateful for the gift of him. Plus I knew he’d be back in our bed come tonight.”

Gowen works as an Intensive Care Unit Nurse. She told the Independent Journal Review that she loves marriage, and is incredibly grateful for her husband.

“My husband and I work to communicate on all issues, make time together alone, without the children, and are quick to praise the other spouse’s efforts,” Gowen said.

Sources: Brie Gowen, Independent Journal Review / Photo credit: Brie Gowen/Facebook via Independent Journal Review