Thanks to hidden camera, grandpa finds out nurse is stealing from him

Grandpa Discovers His Nurse is Stealing From Him After His Family Installed a Hidden Camera

If there’s one thing you should never have to worry about as you grow older it’s for those working to take care of you to take advantage of you instead. We all grow old and we all eventually begin to lose portions of our mental faculties, and none of us want those final years to be as difficult as our earlier ones. It’s for that reason we have caretakers for the elderly, whose sole job it is to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for those they’re assigned to.

Eighty-nine-year-old Peter Carpenter from Lincolnshire, England has seen some sh** in his day. This is a man who did his duty back in WWII, but these days he’s feeling the consequences of that long life. Luckily for him he’s able to remain in his own home for now instead of living at a retirement home with a nurse who comes around regularly to help him with the needs he can no longer take care of himself. She cleans, ensures laundry gets done and is overall a very pleasant person to deal with, but everyone has their demons. Eventually Mr. Carpenter began noticing his billfold was carrying less cash than he thought and decided he was finally going senile. His first thought wasn’t to blame anyone but himself, that should tell you more about this man than anything else I could possibly say about him. His family however, weren’t as convinced. They decided to set up a security camera to see just what exactly was going on, and this is what they discovered:

Mr. Carpenter was nearly heartbroken when he learned the truth of things, that the woman he was supposed to entrust his wellbeing to would steal from him. He’s not even upset about the money, he would simply rather her have explained the situation and asked for it instead. Like most people he understands that times are only getting harder for the average person as far as finances go, but she broke his trust instead. Luckily the video footage is keeping him from having anything further stolen from him, but either way he’s going to need a new caretaker now. Don’t let your loved ones fall prey to thieves pretending to be there to take care of them, especially in their later years.