Son Waits Until Mom Is About To Go In For Surgery, Then Reveals His Big Secret (Video)

A mother received a special surprise from her son the day of a life-changing surgery (video below).

Carl James Brooks, a YouTube personality, lives in Germany, but his parents are in the United States. His mother was getting a kidney transplant and he made the nearly 5,000-mile trip to surprise her the day of the procedure.

Brooks, admitting to fans he is a momma’s boy, shared video of his surprise visit that was made possible with the help of family friends on YouTube.

“My family didn’t know anything about me visiting, and their reactions are priceless!!! I love my fammmm!” he wrote.

The video shows Brooks entering his mother’s hospital room and the look of shock on her face. She is moved to tears as he embraces her in a hug.

They share a touching moment, full of kisses, hand holding and more hugs.

“Don’t get excited,” he tells his mother, who is already prepared for surgery.

Brooks then goes to embrace his father, who is seated next to the hospital bed.

“Oh, my bloody boy,” his father says, giving him a big hug. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Are you happy?” Brooks asks his mother.

“So, I sat in bed and cried this morning because I’m like, I didn’t see my boy,” his mother says.

Brooks then makes a joke that it could be the drugs she is on that makes her think he is in the room, which makes everyone laugh.

“I really had never seen my mother react in such a way, and so it’s something I’m going to hold in my heart forever,” Brooks told WAGA.

Brooks said his mother is doing well following the surgery.

Sources: Carl James/YouTubeCosmopolitan / Photo credit: Carl James/YouTube