Do You See The Creepy Reason This Photo Of Family Sitting On Bench Has Been Going Viral?

A seemingly normal photo of a family is going viral after some noticed something odd about one small detail in the picture.

A couple shared a pleasant photo of their family, made up of three children and their dog. The photo appears totally normal, but if you inspect a bit closer, it becomes clear that something isn’t quite right.

Many have noticed the bizarre issue in the photo and have been left puzzled by what happened.

If you still haven’t been able to spot what’s wrong, take a look at the little girl on the far left. Wrapped around her arm is a hand that appears to not belong to anybody in the photo.

It seems as though the hand would belong to the girl’s older sister, who is sitting next to her, but both of the older girl’s hands are in her lap.

The girl’s mother has both of her hands wrapped around her baby in her lap, and the father’s arm is most definitely not long enough to reach all the way to the end of the bench and wrap around his daughter’s arm.

Many viewers were stumped by the photo and have speculated what may be behind the bizarre snap. Some suggest that the odd occurrence is simply a Photoshop error, while others are unsure entirely.

“Too many people are looking for weird. The picture is photoshopped. The picture of the two little girls was taken separately,” one user commented on the AWM America Facebook page. “Probably several shots were taken and picture number one looked good of the two girls and picture number two looked good of the parents and maybe one of the kids was pulling a face. The picture was cobbled together with the best shots of everyone.”

“Somebody photoshopped the older sister’s right arm into the picture. It really is behind the little sister,” another viewer commented. “You can tell it was photoshopped in because the bend of the elbow doesn’t line up with the inside crook of her arm. You can also see the blurry line below the shoulder where the touch up starts. It’s not very good.”

One user suggested that perhaps the hand belongs to someone else entirely.

“The hand on the last child. That’s the hand of God,” one viewer wrote. “Not creepy. If people will look for the good in some things things wouldn’t be as scary.”

However, some were quick to dispute this theory.

“No, it’s not the hand of God. Look closely at the hand of the last child in line,” a reader responded. “It looks like someone cloned that hand then did some electronic surgery to make it fit. It’s the same size and shape as the kid’s hand resting on her leg. It a clever fake.”

What do you think is behind the strange image?

Sources: AWM, AWM America/Facebook / Photo Credit: AWM