The Secret Method To Cleaning Inside Of Windshield So There Are No Streaks

The inside windshield of your car gets dirty, fogged up, and smeared to the point where it’s very annoying to drive your car with all that distraction.

Many people will get so frustrated, that they take the windshield wiper tool from a gas station, and try to clean the inside windshield with it! I’ve done it and it never works, yet ends up leaving a lot of cleaner fluid all over your dash! Turns out there is indeed a much easier way to clean your inside windshield that is extremely effective.

Here’s what you will need: microfiber towels or else paper towels, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol, and a standard glass cleaner. So get these items together and get ready to be able to look out a crystal clear windshield once and for all!

First step is the pre-wipe. Take the microfiber cloth, or the paper towel, and in a circular motion you want to wipe the windshield, then do an up-and-down motion. Once the grime is off, then you can move on to the next steps which will really make your inside windshield as clear as possible. The difference is really incredible. Check out this video as it describes how to perform the next steps properly.