Scuba Divers Watch As Two Great White Sharks Fight… And The Winner Is Clear

Experts suggest that the likelihood of being attacked and killed by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067. Despite the relatively low odds, this statistic doesn’t really make us feel any more comfortable about getting into the ocean.

This is, of course, because shark attacks do happen, even though they are very rare. Typically, however, sharks aren’t a major threat to the well-being of humans, even if movies like Jaws make us believe otherwise.

Don’t tell that to Russell Gordon, though. Russell is a marine life enthusiast who came face to face with a great white shark during a recent diving expedition and captured amazing video footage showing that just because the odds are against an attack doesn’t mean they don’t happen…

Russell is an Australian marine life enthusiast who recently went on a diving expedition in hopes of having an up-close encounter with a great white shark.


It wasn’t long before he found himself face to face with one of these gigantic beasts!


Things quickly became much more dangerous than he had anticipated.

Now, that’s a seriously territorial display. Russell definitely got what he came for!

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