Panther Creeps Up Behind Unsuspecting Man. When It Goes To Pounce…GASP!

This video, going viral on Facebook, shows a panther quietly stalking a man who is unaware of what’s going on behind him. Suddenly, the man turns and the panther lunges, but the outcome is very different than what you would expect. Click below to see it for yourself:

It turns out that the man in the video, Eduardo Serio, is actually this panther’s rescuer!Eduardo runs the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico. He created the foundation in 2013 to protect big cats from exploitation and trafficking, which is rampant in Mexico. Since then, the foundation has rescued dozens of big cats that now live on its 30-acre property.

This panther, named Kal-El after Superman’s birth name, loves his rescuer and just wanted to play.

Bofo Farias Gonzales, who shot the video, is an employee of the foundation and knew Eduardo and Kal-El were friends, so he didn’t give Eduardo any warning that the panther was sneaking up behind him, resulting in this heart-stopping video.

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