How To Naturally Clear A Stuffy Nose In One Minute


During the cold and flu season, one of the most annoying problems is stuffy nose. The excess mucus in your nose can make it difficult to breathe properly. Especially in bedtime, stuffy nose can make sleeping a painful experience. Most people would use over-the-counter nasal sprays to help relieve nasal congestion. But if you are concerned about the side effects of those sprays, or if those sprays are not available when the symptom begins, you can try using some natural methods to deal with stuffy nose. In this tutorial, Prevention Magazine demonstrates two simple and natural tricks to clear stuffy nose instantly. Both methods involve pressing different parts of your face to help sinuses to be clear. Follow the video and give them a try. Hopefully these natural remedies will help you relieve your congested nose and get better. Please note that these are just temporary treatments. You still need to deal with the underlying infection in order to completely get rid of stuffy nose.

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