Mom Finds Son Hiding In Fridge Sneaking Food, Then She Realizes He’s Not Alone

As all parents know, when things in the house seem quiet and peaceful, it’s usually because the kids are up to no good.

That’s what this mom discovered when she walked into the kitchen and noticed the refrigerator door was cracked open.

Upon further inspection she noticed a little hand sneaking some fried chicken off a plate and she realized her son had somehow climbed into the fridge to get himself a sneaky little snack.

Not wanting to miss the moment, she quickly grabbed her phone and began to record the tiny thief, but then something else appeared in the fridge that she wasn’t expecting…

Not only had her son managed to sneak into the fridge himself, but he had somehow also gotten the family’s dog in on the action!

It looks like this mom has some trouble on her hands, but we’re glad she was able to capture this hilarious moment of her son and his partner in crime. We can’t wait to see what mischief they get into next!

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