Military Dad Fears Visually-Impaired Baby Won’t Recognize Him, But New Glasses Make For Sweetest Reunion.

At InspireMore, We’ve seen some truly incredible military family reunions, like Bo Farrell surprising his younger brother Matt, who plays basketball for Notre Dame. Bo, who was supposed to be overseas, recorded a video message for his younger brother that played at a Notre Dame basketball game. It was a beautiful moment, but the father, son military reunion we found for you today was too good not to share.

9-month-old Reagan hadn’t seen his dad in months when the moment in the video below took place. Reagan’s dad, Air Force Captain Brandon Caldwell, was deployed in Antarctica and worried that his 9-month-old wouldn’t recognize him upon his return… but Brandon had nothing to worry about.

The duo had a few belly laughs as Brandon sang ‘Patty Cake’ to Reagan, then shared the sweetest cuddly embrace imaginable.


“This was the hardest deployment yet by far and you can see how hard it was for Brandon to be away from Reagan by the emotion he showed when he finally had him in his arms again,” Amanda Caldwell, Brandon’s wife said. “Reagan did not skip a beat and is loving having daddy back home.”

But the sweet story doesn’t end there. This little boy is a fighter.

When Reagan was only a few months old he was diagnosed with Group B Strep (GBS) that led to a serious cases of meningitis and sepsis.


Doctors told Amanda and Brandon that if Reagan survived, he would never be the same little boy… but he is proving doctor’s wrong every day.


Raegan has already been making huge strides but his condition requires physical, occupational, and speech therapy so he takes classes for the visually impaired and special education at home.

He’s the happiest, and soon to be healthiest, little one around.

Check out the adorable moment father and son embrace for the first time in months. Reagan’s reaction is just the cutest!

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