Man Strips Off His Clothes, Jumps Into Lion Pit – You Can Probably Guess How It Ended

In a local zoo located in Santiago, Chile, a man stripped himself of all his clothes and jumped into a lion pit on May 21, shocking many zoo visitors in the process. He was identified as Franco Ferrada, a 20-year-old who has struggled with his mother’s death – taking his anger out on religion itself while the lions mauled him.

He also carried a note which claimed that he was God’s prophet, and wanted to warn man that an apocalypse was incoming. Zookeepers tried to save Ferrada, and had to kill 2 lions to do so. Ferrada is currently recovering from multiple self-sustained injuries, mainly around his head and pelvic area. Representatives from the zoo are reportedly considering if they should file charges against him due to the disruptance and alarm he has caused

Check out this video below

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