Without being perceived day by day we submit our body to extreme demands in regards to muscles and joints and this is how neck and back contractures arise. For this, nothing better than a massage in the indicated places so you can recover the mobility and feel good again.

This stiffness in the nape of the neck can arise as a result of poor posture we take in front of the computer, sleep in a position where the muscles of the neck are distended, injuries caused by the practice of a sport, hold the phone between the jaw and Shoulder for a long time, make a head turn abruptly and what is never lacking in all kinds of pathology; stress.

This stiffness in the neck that can then be extended to the back not only generates pain in the same area but can also cause headaches, shoulder pain and even the arm.
The best in these cases is a massage to help relieve contractures so you do not need to take anti-inflammatory drugs that will damage your stomach, but sometimes it is not easy to find qualified masseurs or you can find the time to attend one, so That we suggest exercises that you can do yourself to relieve the pains caused by contractures.


To perform these massages first you will have to provide yourself with a bucket or yoga brick or a very hard sponge and a tennis ball.
Before a severe pain of neck performs the following exercise for which you must
stand facing a wall and take in one hand the bucket of yoga and the other the tennis ball.

Position yourself 80cm from the wall, stretch your left leg back and body forward holding the cube against the wall with the help of your right shoulder while placing the ball in the curve of your neck and hold this position for 10 seconds. Then repeat the exercise with the left shoulder and alternate five times.


It is almost certain that if you feel pain in the neck then it moves to the back or vice versa, so that massaging the back is also a necessity or at least a preventive measure.

Stand with your back to the wall and place the ball between the wall and the upper right shoulder or try to locate it near where you feel pain. Perform circular movements of the body in such a way that you receive the massage of the ball.


So many hours sitting at a desk and in front of the computer, talking on the phone and tilting the head forward to write have consequences on our neck leaving it rigid and tense. Stretching the neck and back to avoid these pains can be done by a simple technique.

Stand with your hands back in the back and raise your head slowly to stretch the neck. Simultaneously, keep your stomach rigid and your back straight. Try to hold this same position for 30 seconds.


This is a really stinging and annoying pain that sometimes paralyzes us preventing us from walking, sitting or getting up. To relieve the pain of the sciatic nerve lie on the floor or on the same bed and place the tennis ball under your back in the area where you feel the pain and makes circular movements of the body in such a way that the ball does the massage in the zone. Massage for 10 seconds, rest and repeat.