Inmates Discover That Man Crushed Baby’s Skull And Laughed About It, Take Matters Into Own Hands


Karma came to a convicted child murderer in prison, after he was beaten to death by a cellmate.

Daniel Wilson was serving a life sentence at Potosi Correctional Center in Potosi, Missouri, for beating his 7-month-old son to death in January 2010. The baby had a fractured skull and severe brain injuries from the incident, and Wilson was sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder.

Brandon Kulhanek was serving an 18-year sentence for assault and other charges when he beat 35-year-old Wilson to death. A probable cause statement said that the two men got into a fight in their cell, and that Wilson was pronounced dead at Washington County Hospital as a result of injuries suffered. He died from a crushed larynx, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Kulhanek was charged with first-degree murder.

In a similar incident, a Lebanon, Ohio, inmate was killed by a fellow prisoner who hit him with a cinder block he had removed from the cell wall. Casey Pigge carved the block from the wall and hit Luther Wade in the head multiple times, killing him.

“Pigge is accused of carving mortar out of his cell wall, like something out of ‘Shawshank,’ extracting a cinder block from the wall and using the cinder block to strike Wade multiple times in the head, ultimately causing Wade’s death,” prosecutor David Forshnell told WLWT.
Pigge was indicted for aggravated murder and possession of a deadly weapon while under detention. The 28-year-old was already serving a 30-year prison sentence for similar charges.

Sources: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, WLWT / Photo credit: Mad World News