Incoherent Man Collapses Onto Subway Rails, Then Hero Leaps To Save Him From Oncoming Train.

A 29-year-old man named Jonathan Kulig is being hailed as a hero after he risked his life to save a complete stranger who had fallen onto the train tracks of a New York City subway.

On Saturday, Jonathan was exiting his train when he noticed something fall onto the tracks on the opposite side of the station. When Jonathan realized it was a man– and saw that the man wasn’t coming back up from the tracks– he wasted no time leaping into action.

Jonathan jumped onto the tracks nearest him and crossed all the tracks between him and the man, hopping over two electrified rails. Luckily, Jonathan is an Engineering Supervisor for Con Edison, an electric company, and had recently taken a track-safety training program.

“I’m not an expert,” said Jonathan, “but I knew enough to keep myself safe.”


The man who had fallen onto the tracks was unconscious, and– by the time Jonathan reached him– had about a minute before the train would arrive.


Jonathan managed to lift the man off the train tracks with the help of other commuters just before the train arrived.


In the video below, Jonathan tries to talk to the incapacitated man as the train rushes into place behind him, a chilling image of what so easily could have happened.


Thankfully, the man who had fallen left the incident with no serious injuries.

Asked if he would do it again, Jonathan humbly said he would, saying, “You see someone who needs help, you do it.”

Watch the video below to see the incredible rescue!

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