Girl Introduces Special Guest At Assembly, Quickly Realizes Teachers Set Her Up.

An 8th grade student named Haley Webb was recently given a special honor when she was asked to stand up during her middle school’s Veteran’s Day assembly and introduce the guest speaker. The speaker was U.S. Army Sergeant, First Class, a man who had devoted much of his life to serving in the military. Little did Haley know, this man was none other than her own father!

In a secret interview, Sergeant Jason Webb explained to cameras that he spent most of Haley’s life deployed, serving around the world. Most recently, he had been deployed to Korea and hadn’t seen Haley in 2 years. He knew Haley loved watching videos of soldiers reuniting with their families on YouTube, so he decided to give her a reunion she’d never forget. He and Haley’s grandmother secretly schemed with the school to coordinate a tear-jerking surprise.

In the video below, Haley stands before her classmate and reads the bio for the “guest speaker.” At first, she has no idea that anything is afoot, but then it slowly begins to dawn on her. The look on her face when she finally sees her dad is priceless.


Check out the video below to see the emotional reunion.

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