Farmer Discovers 32 Cows Found Dead Piled On Top Of Each Other, Realizes What Happened (Photos)

Jared Blackwelder, a dairy farmer from Missouri, got up at 4 AM to milk his cows one morning. Later in the day, he was headed home when he saw a lightning strike near his farm in Cabool.

Blackwelder recalled that the light was so bright that he could hardly see. When he went to check on the cows, he was devastated to see that they had all perished.

The cows had been all huddled together to stay out of the rain when the lightning stuck. Blackwelder had raised every single one of the thirty-two cows.

It is unclear how much of Blackwelder’s insurance will cover for the deaths, and he could lose up to $60,000 for the cattle, which were certified organic cows. Their milk was sold through the Organic Valley Coop.

According to Rodale’s Organic Life, organic cows live outdoors (not inside a barn like conventionally raised cattle).

The cows eat a diet of grass, unlike other cattle who eat chemically grown soy and corn. Another big difference in the life of an organic cow is that they eat more nutritious grass that has not been treated with pesticides, which makes the milk healthier for us to drink.
Or does it?

The milk has less saturated fat but retains the healthy fatty acids we need to be healthy.

Rodale’s Organic Life also reported that the milk from an organic cow may help reduce your risk of having a heart attack. The milk from an organic cow has higher levels of linoleic acid, which is very beneficial.
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